Art and Ceramics

Claire Billingsley

I live in rural Herefordshire, a place of outstanding beauty

and a constant source of inspiration for my clay work, drawing and painting.


My passion for art started at a very young age when I discovered I had an ability to draw and this developed into painting and then ceramics.


I did an Arts Foundation Course and found an appetite for ceramics and I have been working with clay for the past twenty five years.  This is not the only media I work with but it constantly provides new challenges for me and suits my three-dimensional making skills, my intrigue into form, and as a canvas to experiment with.


I studied ceramics at Cardiff, one of the leading ceramic courses in the country, and found my way into teaching, via two ‘Artist-in–Residence’ placements in Independent Schools. I then taught art and design professionally in earnest for the next nineteen years at King’s, Gloucester.


In addition I have a keen interest for art history; specifically the late 19th Century onwards and I have delivered a number of lectures on a variety of subjects, narratives and genres. Again I find these influences are a stimulus to my creative work, as we do not stand alone, and history is always an inspiration.


This year I launched myself into the sea of opportunity presented by becoming a professional artist, maker and workshop tutor.


My work is exhibited in galleries and at fairs and I am currently extending my repertoire.